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Ιουλίου 20, 2010 / dosambr


Fr. Yohanes Bambang giving food to the poor families who live around St. Demetrios Orthodox Chape

 Scholarship to poor ChildrenScholarship to poor Children

Fr. Yohanes plants muchroom in order to help the people who need a jobFr. Yohanes plants muchroom in order to help the people who need a job

Giving rice, nodles and sugar to the poor who live around St. Demetrios Orthodox ChurchGiving rice, nodles and sugar to the poor who live around St. Demetrios Orthodox Church

Divine LiturgyDivine Liturgy


In the view of God, Children are very important and even can be said as a precious diamond, therefore Children must have a chance to have a good education and to be educated and taught so that they will be a good children and have a good future. Base on this fact, Christ Himself said: ”Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them, for of such is the kingdom of heaven. And He laid His hands on them and departed from there” (Matthew 19:14-15). This means that Christ Himself never refuse them to come before Him and to ask His mercy. Christ take care them, and even He laid His hands on them, referring to the fact that Christ want them to grow in good ways: have a good education, live in God’s ways, humble, polite, love to their parents, and even love to God and God as the protection of their life.

To implement What Christ did to the Children, St. Nikolaos Greek Orthodox in Surabaya – East java – Indonesia, want to help the children to have a good education, a good future , better life and love to God. Because how can they have a good education and good future, while they came from the poor family? It is impossible, therefore they need our help and our love to embrace and to elevate them to have a chance to study. Because many of them out there, crying, suffering and seeing of their future is full of darkness. No Hope and even they are asking for themselves when will we have a good chance to study just like other children? when will we have an enough food and clothes to eat and to dress ? These questions need to be answered and as good Christians, we have a responsible to answer these questions and willing to help them

And even because the Grace and the love of God, and because the guidance of Our Metropolitan Nikitas. St. Nikolaos Greek Orthodox Church in Surabaya, built the Orthodox Kindergarten and the name of this orthodox kindergarten is “AGHIA WACANA” means “The Holy Teaching”. The Purpose of this orthodox kindergarten establishment is beside to plant the seed of Orthodoxy in the heart of children and also to help the poor family who want to school their children.

As we said before, that this school was built to help the poor family who want to school their children, it means that we have to subsidize in every its month to hire the teachers, school operational and some other things of school needs. Base on this your help is needed, we do not see how much you will help, one pennies, one dollar or whatever, your help will be very useful for the goodness of the children future. We will be very appreciate all your help that you will give to us, and we will allocate properly according to the children need.

The Other thing that has been done by Philanthropy of St. Nikolaos Greek Orthodox Church at Surabaya – East java – Indonesia, beside to help the poor family to school their children, also to help the poor people, by giving some clothes, noodle, rice, sugar and some other things, this case has been done to help their daily need, so that the coming of Our Orthodox Church in East Java is not just showing the depth of our faith, but also showing the love of Christ to these people. Because Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself said : “Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to Me “ ( Matthew 25:40). That means that to help the poor people, is a kind of proof that we love to Christ. And St. Nikolaos Orthodox felt to be called to take care of them, but without your participation and love to help this activities, then impossible for us to materialize this good work.

Donation :

If You felt to be called to help these children, you can send your donation to

Our Bank Account : Bambang Cahyo Wicaksono, Bank Central Asia, Bank Account number : 0501514143, Bank Address : Jln Cokroaminoto No : 5, Mojokerto- Jawatimur – Indonesia, Swift (IBAN) : Cenaidja.

And by sending your donation to help the children school and the poor family, meaning you have participated to give them a good education and embrace them to be meaningful persons in the future and relief the burden of the poor family, So that they felt happy and helped by God through His Church.

Thank you for your help, and your help will properly be used and allocated for the need of the children school and for the poor people who need our help. For your help and behalf of the Children and the poor people, we would like to express our gratitude of your help and goodness, God will see what you did, God be with all of us, amen.

Yours In Christ,
Fr. Yohanes Bambang Cahyo Wicaksono



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