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Αύγουστος 19, 2010 / dosambr


Let`s help to the building of the orthodox church of Saint Catherine in Cilacap of the central Java

Dear Christian brothers we greet you in the name of God.

“The Friends of the orthodox church” in Indonesia is a team having existed for the last ten years with the basic goal of supporting the missionary work in Indonesia. As it is probably known Indonesia is the biggest Muslem country in the world, where the Orthodox mission has been taking action for about 20 years.

Two years ago The friends of the Orthodox Mission in Indonesia made the webside

“The Voice of Orthodox in Indonesia.(

This blog, until now, has been the only one in the net having dealt with this specific Orthodox Mission. The basic target of this website has been the presence of the huge missionary work taking place in Sumatra, Java and Bali. Alongside the presentation of missionary work, we try to help economically –as much as possible- the missionary teams offering their services there.

During all these years of our efforts we have come to conclude that several Orthodox Missionary societies as well as other organisations from Greece and abroad choose selectively to help specific teams. As a result there is a great deal of unfair consequences, a thing that makes as very sad, we have to admit.

However there are Orthodox communities in this region that lack a church due to shortage of money. As a result several huts are used as ceremonial places for the Mass and other Orthodox Mysteries. In this category of poor Orthodox societies, that have no kind of wealth and is beaten by unprecedented poverty, is the Orthodox society in Cilacap of central Java.

Cilacap is a small coastal town in the south side of central Java. There has been servicing since 2001 father Mathew, a graduate of the Holy Cross Divinity School in Boston U.S.A.

The Friends of Mission in Indonesia start an effort of building an Orthodox Church of Saint Catherine in Cilacap, central Java.

The Orthodox Community in Cilacap has at the present 40 members, who suffer by great poverty as you can see yourself in the photos uploaded in the following websites:

  1. http:// /2009/09/h-o-cilacap.html

(Some of which are the ones being sent to you.)

The orthodox Community does not have a Church. Actually there was a temporary church that was destroyed by fanatic Muslims of that region.

So nowadays there is the ground but there is no money for building the Holly Church of Saint Catherine.

The Holly Mass takes place in a poor hut –temporary church made of chaff but due to rain and humidity many times It takes place in the houses of community’s Orthodox Christians, as you may see in the photos sent to you.

The budget of building this Holly Church of S. Catherine is 12000 € and that is because of the difference of Euro and Indonesian Rupee. In order to help the erection of S. Catherine’s Church , the Friends of Mission activate in the following ways:

  1. They release -through Stamoulis Public House- the book : Η ΠΑΝΤΩΝ ΑΝΑΣΣΑ  Revelation and Miracles of Virgin Mary. (Athos Editions.)

That book is written by teachers and Friends of the Mission:

Head Priest Demitrios Athanasiou and his wife Haroula Tsouliai (a Greek Language teacher).

The price of the book is 17 euros and the earnings of the writer`s rights will be given for the support of the pre-mentioned missionary work. The book can also be found in religion bookshops.

Concerning a reduced wholesale price ( coming to 40% of the regular price) you, who are interested in, can contact us. ( details are mentioned at the end)

There is more you can find about the book in the website: Shop Product.aspx?ProductId=400276

  1. They keep the following accounts for the needs of the Mission so as anyone wishing to support this important Missionary work in Java in financial terms, could deposit any amount one is able to.

  1. Emporiki Trapeza (Commercial Bank) /66046796
    IBAN GR 66 0120 5450 0000 0006 6046 796


  1. Eurobank / -0469-64-0100058162


(Entitled: Father Demetrios Athanasiou)

Money deposited will be responsibly sent through the missionary club “ΟΙ ΠΟΡΕΥΘΕΝΤΕΣ”   (THE WALKERS)

Donators are given a loyal receipt for any tax use. Therefore anyone depositing money should make their personal data (name, address) known to us in order to send them their loyal receipt.

For the Friends of the Mission in Indonesia.

F. Demetrios Athanasiou.
47100- Arta (Trigono)
Tel.   26810-77003


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