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Σεπτεμβρίου 2, 2010 / dosambr

Philanthropy of The Indonesian Orthodox Mission and need your help

Dear My Beloved Brother In Christ, Father Demetrios,

Because the grace of God and your prayer, I and my family are in the protection of God. Hopefully the same God is protecting you and your ministry here in Greece.

Beside that, Here I beg seriously to you helping me to rebuild the unworthy house of the poor family who live around St. Demetrios in Mojokerto – East java.

This family is really close with me and very simphatize with our Church. And By helping this family to rebuilt their house, then it shows that the coming of Orthodoxy is not only to show the depth of our Faith, but also to show the love of Christ to them. And this is a kind of our strategy too to develop Our Orthodox Missionary work in east java

Whereas the cost that I need to build this house is about $ 10,000.00, your help will properly be allocated for this need and I will give a report to you right after you help me and rebuild this house…..please

To make you clear the condition of the house that need to be rebuilt,here I send to the condition of this house.

Finally thank you very much for your help,and God be with all of us, amen

Your Brother in Christ

Fr. Yohanes Bambang Cahyo Wicaksono

Dear Father Demetrios,

Greeting in The name of Our Lord Jesus Christ,

Relationship with my email that I sent you before,again I want to inform you that I began to rebuild the house for the poor people,but the fund that is used to continue this building is not enough.Base on this fact, I am really need your help to continue build that house. Whereas the fund that I need to continue this house is about $ 6,000.00. Please father helpme.

Finally,thank you for your care and help, God be with all of us,amen

Yours in Christ

Fr.Yohanes Bambang Cahyo Wicaksono

Note; I sent some pictures of building establishment and I am waiting your help soon Father



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