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Οκτώβριος 12, 2010 / dosambr

Indonesian Orthodox Church Rebuild house for Poor

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The Indonesian Orthodox Church

East Java/Indonesia: Fr. Yohanes Bambang Wicaksono of the Indonesian Orthodox Church reports that, with the help of Greek Orthodox Missionary Committee of Australia, they have rebuilt the house of the poor that exist around St.Demetrios Orthodox Chapel in Mojokerto – East Java – Indonesia.

Fr Bambang says “through the rebuilding of poor house, many people in where I live, have been seen The Love of God through his servant.”

A number of charity and philanthropic projects have been taken up by the Indonesian Church under the auspicious leadership of Fr Fr. Yohanes Bambang and other Orthodox priest.

Kindly extend your helping hand to this work by making your valuable donations to

Bank Account : Bambang Cahyo Wicaksono,
Bank Central Asia,
Bank Account number : 0501514143,
Bank Address : Jln Cokroaminoto No : 5, Mojokerto- Jawatimur – Indonesia, Swift (IBAN) : Cenaidja.




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