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Νοέμβριος 27, 2010 / dosambr

The Orphanage Program of The Greek Orthodox Mission in Indonesia

Proposed Sketch Of the Orphanage Building
Proposed Sketch Of the Orphanage Building


Proposed Land for the Orphanage
Proposed Land for the Orphanage



Special Appeal From Fr Yohanes Bambang of the Indonesian Orthodox Church

The Indonesian Orthodox Church is planning to build an Orphanage for Children. The Budget and other details are given Below

The Budget Of Orphanage Building

Land = 1000 m2 X Rp. 275.000,- = Rp. 275.000.000,-

Fence = 130 m2 X Rp. 400.000,- = Rp. 52.000.000,-

Building = 140 m2 X Rp. 1.250.000,- = Rp. 175.000.000,-

Total Amount = Rp. 502.000.000,-

Or $

Kindly Make Your Valuable Donations.



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