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Δεκέμβριος 27, 2010 / dosambr

Preparation for Nativity feast at St. Ioann Sunday School Holy Epiphany Parish Jakarta

Nativity feast St. Ioann Sunday School 2009 Holy Epiphany Parish Jakarta


The children of St. Ioann Sunday School started preparing the feast of Nativity. They are practicing troparia of Nativity in Greek, Slavonic ( Serbian ) and Indonesian, Kontakion and Canon of Nativity also some performances such as drama, dancing and tableau.
The children will chant:
Xristos Gennatai in Greek and Indonesian, just like they ever chanted last year.
Ipartenos Simeron in Greek and Indonesian,
Bozicni tropar ( Troparion Nativity in Serbian )


Itinerary the Nativity feast of St. Ioan Sunday School :





They were very excited  and seemed can’t wait for  the  coming of the joyous Nativity feast this year!


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